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Operating work site drones yourself can have costly pitfalls

The drone industry is so new and expanding so rapidly that there are too many potential pitfalls to list; pitfalls that can cost an innocent violator many thousands of dollars in court costs, lawyer fees and fines levied by the Federal Aviation Administration, which has defined drones as “aircraft” and strictly governs drones used for […]

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A friend asked…

A friend asked if better to go with a “beginner” drone than something a bit more sophisticated. Go with the “bit more sophisticated;” train on what you’re going to be flying. In the long run, it saves time, money and reduces recidivism..going back over what you learned last time so you can learn something new […]

Jan. 2016 – Business & Commercial Aviation “Drone Revolution, Pt. 2”

How the FAA Is Regulating Small Drones What finally galvanized the FAA and its Cabinet-level overseer, the Department of Transportation (DOT), into implementing meaningful regulation of civil drone operations were predictions by the UAS industry that between 700,000 and 1 million small drones would be purchased as 2015 holiday gifts in the U.S… Read the […]

Are Drones Right For You?

By Sarah Moore Fisher & Phillips, LLP Republished with permission from the author You should determine whether the use of drones can benefit your business. Commercial application of drones is on the brink of being fully explored. Applications will differ by industry and could include both internal and external operational functions. For example, the delivery […]

Smart Planning for Drone Usage

By Sarah Moore Fisher & Phillips, LLP Republished with permission from the author Commercial Drones v. Recreational Drones The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had been directed by Congress to develop rules and regulations for integrating commercial drones into our airspace by early October of this year. The FAA missed that deadline, which means businesses that […]

Six Things Construction Professionals Should Know About Drone Operations

By Stephen Hartzell Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard LLP Republished with permission from the author (Editor’s Note: While this article deals with what is specifically happening in North Carolina, it would be prudent to take into consideration here in Texas the same issues as North Carolina is addressing. Currently, there is no similar legislation […]

Fleet Addition: DJI’s Inspire 1

Lone Star Drones is pleased to announce the incomparable Inspire 1 drone by DJI has joined its fleet. The Inspire 1 can carry a variety of camera systems for as long as 30 minutes in flight. Unrestricted 306-degree views and the ability to have a two-person crew – a pilot and a camera operator – […]

Lone Star Drone gets FAA exemptions

Lone Star Drones LLC of Houston is pleased to announce we have Federal Aviation Administration authority to commence commercial drone operations. “We are excited to achieve this milestone,” said Lone Star Drones founder Bob Howie. “It shows we’ve met all requirements set forth by the FAA to operate drones safely and professionally on behalf of […]

The need to hire professionals

When you determine the use of a drone best fits your needs, remember this, choose your provider wisely or you may find your assets in jeopardy. There are more than 400,000 registered drones currently in the United States and the industry is expected to generate 70,000 jobs and more than $13 billion in revenue over […]