Are Drones Right For You?

By Sarah Moore
Fisher & Phillips, LLP
Republished with permission from the author

You should determine whether the use of drones can benefit your business. Commercial application of drones is on the brink of being fully explored. Applications will differ by industry and could include both internal and external operational functions.

For example, the delivery industry (including the U.S. Postal Service) continues to examine how drones might be used for letters and packages in sorting and distribution.

But, drone use goes well beyond deliveries. Due to advances in multispectral and optical technology, a wide range of industries are taking advantage of drones, including film, agriculture, drilling, policing, and those businesses performing infrastructure inspections.

As your research and development departments identify how they might integrate drone technology into your business, your focus should be on developing appropriate legally defensible frameworks to support implementation, without stifling an environment that fosters innovations in evolving applications.

Once the commercial applications for drones in your business have been identified, you should consider any and all physical and digital points of access to control and use. You need to examine all points along this pathway to ensure appropriate roles and responsibilities are defined, operational safeguards developed, and monitoring systems created (keeping in mind that enterprising computer hackers might be in a position to take over your drone controls unless you have effective security measures).