Aerial Drone Image of Progress on Construction Site with CraneUsing aerial drone imaging for construction projects can be integral at every step in the building process. The low-altitude, high-resolution photograph and video capabilities of our drones really support our clients and their efforts at producing high-quality results. With Lone Star Drones’ aerial drone photography for construction, you can:

  • Reduce Cost Overrun

    Before construction even begins, we can survey the tracts to provide high-resolution images and topographic information that can be accurate down to the centimeter. With the level of detail and accuracy provided in our drone images, your construction project engineers will be able to complete their readings, measurements, inspections, and even 3D modeling to the highest degree of accuracy. With better initial estimates and projections, you’ll be able to reduce cost overrun and better plan out your construction projects.

  • Avoid Contract Issues

    During and after your building projects, you’ll need dependable and timely documentation of progress at your sites–documentation important to contract compliance and financing. Lone Star Drones can provide you aerial progress photos of your jobsite in high quality and volume so you can keep clients and investors updated and your project on budget and compliant.

  • Save Time

    The biggest benefit of aerial photography for construction comes in the time it will save on building project execution. By making aerial drone photography a standard resource for your project, you can better manage your construction timeline. You’re saving time and stress when your engineers look at our aerial photographs and spot potential hazards and issues in your land before they come up; when your project managers make faster, better informed decisions based on our data and aerial images; when you use our drone imaging to manage inventory and conduct surveillance on your construction jobsite.

These are just a few of the countless benefits of using aerial drone photography for construction purposes. By helping our clients save time and money, we at Lone Star Drones strive to be the largest, single-focused aerial photographers providing high-resolution, low-altitude imagery for commercial construction in Houston.

Aerial Drone Image of Construction Site In Progress
Aerial Drone Photograph of Highway Construction Project

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