Roof Reports

Aerial Drone Image for a Roof Report showing a birds-eye perspective of a buildingAsk any insurance adjuster or inspector; they’ll tell you that roofing inspections are risky ventures, but Lone Star Drones can now reduce that risk and in just a few minutes collect data on square footage, roof features, surface area, pitch and slope faster than ever before with results that are more than 99 percent accurate. Output is in either in PDF or DXF format for CAD analysis and design.

Our drones collect high-resolution roof imagery used in our roofing reports in about 10 minutes and we can generate those reports faster than any other traditional methods – in typically less than a few hours – and at very affordable prices.

For homeowners individually, a periodic roof report every few years can provide insight on how their roofs are aging. These reports gain importance, too, during storm seasons. Having a before-and-after report provides homeowners evidence of roof conditions useful in negotiating insurance settlements.

Putting us on your inspection team means more time and improved customer service at greatly reduced risk.

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