Stockpile Management

Aerial Drone Image used for taking Volumetric Measurements of Stockpiles at Building JobsitesAs anyone in quarry, mining or bulk supplies management knows, keeping tabs on stockpiles is a critical yet time consuming task.

Using volumetrics to measure stockpiles is one of the obvious use cases for drones, delivering immediate cost saving and improved oversight almost immediately.

Most mining, quarry or bulk supplies stockpiles can be captured by one of our drones in less than an hour and once the data has been processed, getting accurate volumes can take as little as one minute per stockpile with 3D models available in less than 24 hours.

Using the traditional “walk through” approach, volumetric survey takes roughly a day to complete.

We can measure and model just about any type of stockpile; sand, gravel, rock, pulp, paper products, mulch, minerals like gypsum, clay…whatever the piles consist of, regardless the number of piles, we can measure it quickly, accurately and provide customized reports and modeling that meet our clients’ needs.

Asphalt, crushed concrete, cement, coal and petroleum storage are also candidates for fast, accurate, drone-based measurements as are any kind of pit-based operations such as landfills.